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Mini Face Lift

(also known as the S lift, Silhouette lift, Velvet lift, Quick lift facelift, one stitch facelift, contour thread lift, lunchtime facelift)

What is a mini face lift?

A mini facelift is exactly what it says, a smaller lift than a full face lift but with less downtime and without a general anaesthetic. It is suitable for people who do not need or want a full facelift and whose neck is not their main concern.

What to expect

The scar is very small and hardly visible once fully healed, it sits horizontally just within the sideburn hairline, and sometimes also in front of or in the ear. General anaesthesia is not required and I offer this procedure under local anaesthesia even without sedation. Less surgery means less swelling, less bruising and a quicker recovery. Typically I quote 3wks recovery for a full facelift and 1-2wks for a mini facelift, this is sometimes less.

It improves the jaw line and jowl area as does a full lift but does little on its own to improve the neck. Results are predictable.

There is now a viable non-surgical option to achieve the same results as a mini facelift. Ulthera can focus ultrasound waves on the same tissue plane as a full or mini-lift giving a lift that probably lasts the same length of time. At its best it will match the results of a mini facelift, but not a full facelift. It is not as predictable as surgery but has no downtime, takes only one hour to perform and is almost risk free. It is the only true lunchtime face lift ever invented and carries FDA approval so we can be confident that the science proves it works, unlike any other devices who may claim similar things. I have been offering Ulthera in my medi-spa since January 2012 and results are good.

Does a mini face lift require a general anaesthetic?

Simon Lee now offers mini face lifts for suitable cases with local anaesthetic / awake surgery. You can find out if you would be suitable for this by contacting us below.

You can also find out more about SMAS, SubSMAS and deep plane facelifts and the different types of facelift techniques available with local anaesthetic and general anaesthetic options. Sub SMAS, SMAS and deep plane facelifts

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