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Mid-Face Lift Surgery

What is a mid-face lift?

This is usually a surgical procedure carried out to rejuvenate the mid face, the triangle between the nose, the eyes and the ears. It may be carried out alone or conjunction with a facelift or blepharoplasty. The aim is to restore volume and smooth contours to the cheekbone area and lower eyelid. During this procedure, repositioning of the fatty pads in the cheeks is carried out, moving them higher up. This procedure can be carried out through the same incisions used for a blepharoplasty or incisions hidden inside the mouth.

A similar result can sometimes be achieved by a simple technique of fat transfer taking fat from the tummy and re injecting this into the face.

Who would be suitable for a mid-face lift?

If you have developed signs of ageing in your cheeks and lower eyelids or are developing deep nasolabial folds, a mid-facelift may be right for you. It restores shape, fullness and contour to the very important mid face region. Mid-face lift surgery is usually performed on adult men and women who have healthy facial tissue.

Does a mid face lift require a general anaesthetic?

Simon Lee now offers mid face lifts for suitable cases with local anaesthetic / awake surgery. You can find out if you would be suitable for this by contacting us below.

You can also find out more about SMAS, SubSMAS and deep plane facelifts and the different types of facelift techniques available with local anaesthetic and general anaesthetic options. Sub SMAS, SMAS and deep plane facelifts

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