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Brow Lift

What is a brow lift?

This is a procedure to reposition the eyebrows, it may be needed to tackle droopy or badly misshapen eyebrows. It can also treat some forehead wrinkles at the same time I offer several different types tailored to individual needs but essentially they can be grouped into 3 main types of brow lift:


  1. Endoscopic Brow lift This is a keyhole surgery technique where several small incisions are placed in or behind the hairline. This repositions eyebrows that have drooped and gives a long-lasting reduction of forehead and glabella (area of skin between the eyebrows) lines and wrinkles. It essentially makes the eyes look far more open and can take away that angry frowning look which some people have as they get older.
  2. Open Brow lift For those people who have severely drooping eyebrows that require significant elevation and repositioning. An open brow lift approach is done through a much longer incision behind the hairline allowing me to slide all of the forehead skin and eyebrows to a higher and more youthful position
  3. Temporal Lift For those people whose central brow is well positioned but has slipped south laterally. The incision here is placed within the hair of the temporal region and allows repositioning of the lateral eyebrow and a reduction in any excess skin lateral to the eyes and in the crows’ feet.


Who would be suitable for a brow lift?

If you are concerned about signs of aging around your upper eyes or forehead then this may be the right operation for you. Brow lift surgery is usually performed on adult men and women who have healthy facial tissue and muscles, most are very satisfied with the results but this is very dependant on offering it to the right patients.

Does a brow lift require a general anaesthetic?

Simon Lee now offers brow lifts for suitable cases with local anaesthetic / awake surgery. You can find out if you would be suitable for this by contacting us below.

You can also find out more about SMAS, SubSMAS and deep plane facelifts and the different types of facelift techniques available with local anaesthetic and general anaesthetic options. Sub SMAS, SMAS and deep plane facelifts


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