Fraxel laser treatment
(Laser skin resurfacing)

“I was the first plastic surgeon in the UK to offer this treatment and with the help of my Nurse we have built up over 4yrs of experience and have witnessed some quite remarkable results. It only requires a single treatment” Simon Lee

What is Fraxel?

Fraxel Re:pair is the Rolls Royce in laser skin resurfacing and the finest of all the Fraxel devices. It is the deepest of all the fractional C02 lasers and is manufactured by the pioneering Californian SaltaMedical. The laser arm contains a computer scanner laying down even patterns of micro-ablative-pixels. I was the first Plastic surgeon in the UK to offer this treatment that has revolutionised skin resurfacing bringing right down the recovery period, the risks and exceeding previous results. This is a hospital treatment that my Nurse or I perform at my clinic based in the Spire Hospital Bristol.

What is fractional Co2 laser resurfacing?

It is the biggest step forward in skin resurfacing in over 30 years; combining the effectiveness of the traditional CO2 laser with state of the art technology to fractionate the laser beam to almost eradicate the unwanted effects of the traditional method. Imagine firing a laser light beam through a sieve to cast a shadow over the skin. This would allow the laser to treat many areas where it hit the skin but leave untreated areas in between. This essentially is what fractionating the laser beam does.

Why did I choose the Fraxel Re:pair to offer to my patients?

With the Fraxel Re:pair there is an integrated computer scanner that allows thousands of tiny areas to be treated within only one square cm. The scanner ensures an even and optimal pattern is laid down. It also allows me as the surgeon to determine the depth of treatment I wish to administer as well as the total surface area to be treated. It gives me total flexibility to achieve the best results. Because these micro wounds heal from side to side the recovery period is very quick. No other laser can give a full thickness skin treatment with all the benefits this brings. I continue to believe it is the best resurfacing laser on the market. The installation cost is 2-3 times that of it’s closest competitor, so that alone should be evidence enough.

Who may benefit from Fraxel Re:pair laser skin resurfacing?

Those who want to improve their skin and want something that actually works but who don’t have much time for the healing and don’t have time for multiple treatments may benefit from Co2 fractional laser resurfacing.

Fraxel for ageing skin.

It is the only laser technique with FDA approval to treat all the aging effects of the sun including skin tightening and is extremely effective for:

Fraxel for young skin.

Set to some of its lowest more gentle settings I have started a treatment we call Fraxel:Lite which is designed to improve all those younger blemishes, large pores, sebaceous skin and mild acne scarring. In a single treatment 20 and 30yr olds can see a significant improvement in skin quality with healing times as quick as 2 days.

Fraxel for acne scarring.

With the Fraxel Re:pair capacity to go very deep, deeper than any skin acne scar, I can tune the laser to treat even the most stubborn of dermal scars. Ice pick scars do not respond well to any form of laser resurfacing and these are best surgically excised. Since having the Re:pair we have developed much experience at this and have many very satisfied patients.


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(Laser skin resurfacing)
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