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Facial lifting and shaping

What is non-surgical facial lifting and shaping?

Facial rejuvenation without surgery. Improving skin quality and then also lifting and reshaping the face are the corner stones of facial rejuvenation, for the best results both need to be achieved. Surgery remains by far the best at reshaping and removing excess skin but will do little for improving skin quality in the long run once the swelling has settled completely. Non surgical techniques are the best for improving skin and some recent advances in technology and techniques are starting to perform reasonably well at reshaping and lifting.

What is the procedure for non-surgical facial lifting and reshaping?

There have been some good performing radiofrequency machines in the last few years such as Thermage and Accent which have gained FDA approval for skin tightening (assists facial reshaping) and most recently Pelleve that is giving both a run for their money in terms of results but definitely in terms of comfort. In fact it is described by my patients as being relaxing!

Most recently to come into the market with a storm is Ulthera. The only device ever to be given FDA approval for non-surgical face lifting; not just skin tightening. This is an ultrasound device that can actually penetrate deeply enough to reach the same surgical layer I would operate on doing a surgical facelift, the SMAS. It heats and shrinks this layer giving some really quite stunning results in some individuals

Botox (and the other botulinums) in the hands of an expert, with its muscle relaxing properties can be used to lift and reshape, particularly the brow, the corners of the mouth and sometimes the neck.

Again with careful application volumising injections can help shape and lift particularly the mid face or cheek areas. The shorter acting Hyaluronic acids (Restylane, Juvederm, Teosyal) are very safe and effective particularly in the more superficial planes where as Radiase or Sculptra can augment deeper planes for longer periods of time. These products give the name “liquid face lift.”

Fat transfer also can play a big part. Removing fat and stem cells from other sites of the body and injected back into the face, natural and ever lasting. Popular but with many drawbacks probably should not be considered non surgical.

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