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Stacking Mastopexy, an alternative to breast implants, breast enhancement without implants.

Stacking Mastopexy

Mastopexy is the procedure that allows me to uplift and reshape your breasts. It can be combined with either a breast reduction or a breast augmentation but can also be used for ladies who are generally happy with their size but want a more uplifted and youthful look having suffered breast ptosis following pregnancy weight loss or simply ageing.
It can be a complicated and difficult choice because all usual forms of mastopexy involve removing droopy tissue before tightening the breast skin envelope and therefore in fact making the breast itself smaller as well as uplifting. Surgeons therefore often recommend an implant to counteract this fact.

How is stacking mastopexy different to a traditional mastopexy?

The stacking mastopexy is different. Instead of removing the tissue stacking mastopexy uses that tissue to sit behind the breast in the same position as an implant would be, to give projection. It is really what the name suggests. The stacking of breast tissue to give shape projection and uplift all at the same time. It makes the most of your existing tissue.
It also assists in one of the most common problems of the breast, ptosis (droop).  It helps avoid recreating droop and the aged breast look. Making the most of your own breast tissue and excess skin, I use this excess skin as an internal bra to add support to the internal tissues of the breast and help prevent recurrent ptosis.

Is breast droop inevitable?

Not everybody's breasts droop. The underlying reasons why some people's breasts droop and others don’t, (despite the same negative factors such as weight loss or pregnancy) is because of the quality of the breast tissues themselves. For example the firmness of the tissue or strength of the suspensory ligaments. Women with soft breast tissue or weak suspensory ligaments are much more likely to droop in the first instance and these factors don’t change with surgery. Permanently correcting the sagginess is therefore simply not possible but is made much more likely by reinforcing the tissue as in the technique of the stacking Mastopexy.
You can see that adding an implant to a sagging breast is almost the opposite to what we should be doing. Adding more weight without reinforcement only leads to quick recurrence of the droopy breast. Now with extra weight.
Ladies with very droopy breasts who actually want to be bigger are very good candidates for a two stage mastopexy with augmentation. I always recommend in this instance a stacking mastopexy making the most of your natural tissues while also reinforcing them. Followed by a submuscular implant in a different plane to the uplift and above the internal bra reinforcement. This allows for a smaller lighter implant and greater support for the implant.

Stacking Mastopexy frequently asked questions

Will my breasts be smaller?
Compared to a traditional uplift no. A tiny amount of fat and skin is removed to avoid dog ears.
Will my projection and fullness be greater than that achieved with a standard uplift?
Will the shape and uplift achieved be long lasting?
In my experience this technique gives much longer lasting and fuller results than other standard techniques.
Can I also have an implant with this mastopexy technique?
Yes you can. Generally since this technique preserves breast tissue the implant required is smaller. It helps prevent recurrent ptosis in two ways. By introducing additional support and reducing the weight of the implant required.

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